Issue tracker

If you encounter a bug in Solarium please report it by opening an issue in the issue tracker:

The better your issue report, the more likely it can be fixed soon. Some pointers:

  • Only report issues (bugs in existing code). In other cases please post a feature request or a question on the forums.
  • Check the manual and known issues first (see the listing in the issue tracker)
  • Describe your issue well, especially the title. Instead of ‘Select query exception’ use ‘Using a dash in a filterquery tag causes an exception’.
  • Before any work on a fix can start it needs to be reproduced (and probably converted to a unittest). Try to provide clear and minimal steps to reproduce the issue. You could for instance include a snippet of the code and schema used or some Solr logging output.
  • If you encounter multiple issues report them separately (unless the are truly related)
  • Include at least the specific version of Solarium you are using. In some cases the PHP version and Solr version might also be useful.

Commercial support

Issues, feature requests and questions are processed based on ‘best-effort’. If you need guaranteed support there is the option of commercial support . This support can be provided by Raspberry, a company owned by the creator of Solarium.

This support may be:

  • A training or Q&A session
  • Implementing Solarium
  • Solarium customization (e.g. a plugin)
  • Fixing bugs in Solarium or adding features with priority
  • Solr consultancy

If your request includes work on Solarium that can be released to the community this part will be done as sponsored development. The work will be done at a reduced price, you can get named as sponsor, and the community can benefit from the work.

For more details please contact Raspberry