So you consider contributing to Solarium? That’s great! This page has some pointers to hopefully get a good result.

Don’t let the steps scare you of, if you are uncertain about any part or need help please contact
Of course nothing is mandatory, you are always free to fork Solarium and send a pull request on GitHub with your work. However in that case there is a chance your work might not be integrated.

Before you begin

Explain what you want to do, why you think it’s an improvement and how you are going to do it. You don’t need to provide a detailed design, just describe enough for others to get the idea.You can use the feature request forum for this.

You will as soon as possible get feedback on how it fits into the roadmap and what code to use as a starting point. In most cases it can be fitted into the roadmap and you can start based on the development branch.

While at work

If you start working in your own fork of the project please provide your github repo url. Commit frequently so others can see your progress. For very small changes you can skip this.

When you’re done

Send a pull request. As things were already coordinated in the first step it should be possible to merge your work into Solarium pretty soon and included in the next release. And you can be proud to have your name on the contributors list!
Please also consider writing documentation for your work.