First release candidate for Solarium 3.1

The next version of Solarium has just been released in RC1 status. This is quite a big release with a lot of Solr 4 specific features, but also many other additions and bugfixes:

  • The spellcheck component now supports collate params (Solr 4)
  • Atomic updates (set/add/inc) are now supported (Solr 4)
  • The escaping methods are now regex-aware (Solr 4)
  • Document versioning is supported (Solr 4)
  • Collections have been added to the existing DistributedSearch component to support SolrCloud (Solr 4)
  • A new querytype has been added for realtime-get (Solr 4)
  • Support for pivot facet (Solr 4)
  • Support for highlighting boundaryscanner options (Solr 4)
  • Added qparserTerm helper method (Solr 4)
  • Added helpers for complex filterqueries using cost, cache disable or custom qparser / params
  • You can now set an endpoint as the default endpoint in the createEndpoint method with an extra param
  • Update document now supports DateTime objects as field values, they will automatically be converted to a Solr compatible date string
  • Fix for a bug in Edismax, it used the wrong requestbuilder resulting in missing params
  • The addDeleteQuery method in the update query now supports placeholders (similar to setQuery in the select query object)
  • Curl exceptions now return more detailed info about HTTP errors to make debugging easier
  • Authentication is now support for endpoints
  • A __toString method has been added to the endpoint object for debugging or logging purposes, similar to the one already available in the request object
  • Spellcheck suggestion results now provide access to all suggested words, instead of just the first one.
  • The BufferedAdd plugin now has an AddDocument event.

All the features will be documented in detail in the manual wiki in the coming weeks. Some of the new features are implemented in the examples, and all code already has test coverage. If you have any questions or run into issues while testing the new release please let it know and help to improve Solarium even further!
Version 3.1 is backwards compatible, so if you use 3.0 you should be able to upgrade without changing any of your code.

You can find Solarium 3.1.0-RC1 on GitHub:

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